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CIOB membership stays strong amid pandemic

CIOB membership stays strong amid pandemic


CIOB membership stays strong amid pandemic

Membership of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) stayed strong during the 2020 covid-19 pandemic and new membership admissions actually increased, as the body was swift to offer support throughout the crisis.

Introducing the CIOB’s annual review and accounts for 2020, chief executive Caroline Gumble listed some of the actions that the organisation took as the pandemic took hold, including the offer of financial flexibility to members, with extended payment periods and some discounts. The CIOB also froze its subscription rates for 2021 at 2020 levels.

It has also now formalised a ‘Covid-19 support fund’ for CIOB members across the world who suffer financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic.

Gumble said: “We reached out to members on multiple platforms to make sure they knew about the support offered via our Benevolent Fund, including access to the services provided by Anxiety UK for those living with anxiety, stress or anxiety-based depression. Again, these are available to members across the world.

“We moved events online, including our CPD and training courses, all governance meetings, Members’ Forum, Professional Review workshops and even our annual celebration for Construction Manager of the Year.”

She added that collaboration between the CIOB and industry-wide groups such as Build UK and the Construction Leadership Council has increased during the pandemic in advocating the necessary measures to keep the sector going.

She said: “I am proud of the fact that CIOB adapted fast to the challenges encountered during the pandemic. We implemented processes that are more environmentally sound and cost effective, while delivering a better customer experience, and have taken many of these new ways of working into 2021.”

Membership increases

The number of CIOB members across the world rose by 3.4% during the year to 45,475, with 1,712 new chartered members (up by 18%). The CIOB’s customer satisfaction score throughout the year was 95%+ and the organisation formed 28 new training partnerships and welcomed 41 new chartered building company (CBC) and consultancy scheme members.

Meanwhile, its reach has increased, with 3.4m users of its online services during the year, up 84%. There were also 2.6m readers of CIOB magazines online globally, an increase of 62%. CIOB press mentions rose 23% to 1,464 in 2020, while it made 19 submissions to UK government and 33 briefings for UK Parliament.

The publication of the figures came after the CIOB unveiled a new look, which signals its intention to be at the forefront of a cultural shift in the industry, as well as acting as construction’s “moral compass”. The CIOB is also seeking to reflect how it engages with a younger, more inclusive global community.

CIOB president Mark Beard said: “In June 2020, I launched the CIOB 2030 Visionary Project to challenge pre-conceived ideas, and to set a compelling vision for the industry that reflects the rapidly changing external environment, the coming generations evolving views of work life balance and integration of new technologies.

“The ambition is to ensure CIOB stays at the vanguard of construction in a future that reflects the needs of the next generation of young members. Through workshops delivered by CIOB Novus groups across the globe, key themes in our built environment have been identified, and further consultation will be completed to understand their impact and to ensure we pursue changes to CIOB that makes our Institute more inclusive and attractive. A 2030 global vision will be created that is embraced by Trustees and the 2021 Members’ Forum. It will act as a briefing document for 2023 and subsequent CIOB Corporate Plans.”

Article from Construction Manager Magazine